Anne Tammiksalu 🇪🇪

Assisting Judge

When did you start doing agility?

I started doing agility in 1999.


Your best achievements as a handler?

At the 2014 Agility World Championships in Luxembourg, I ranked 2nd on the team agility track with the Estonian large team.


When did you start as a judge?

As a judge I started in 2007.


What is it that makes you want to be a judge?

Agility has been close to my heart ever since I discovered this sport for myself. For me the agility course is like a work of art, created by a dog and a handler together. A judge can help make this work of art perfect. He or she draws courses where the racing couple can show their true skills. That’s why I wanted to start making such courses myself in order to enjoy these wonderful works of art.


What makes a course interesting?

Challenges that can sometimes seem complicated but with the right management techniques everything goes smoothly. Someone has once said that a handler must carry a “tool box” from where he can pull out just the right “tool”. The track must be interesting not only for the competitors but also for the spectators. That is something I always keep in my mind when designing courses.


What have been the biggest events where you have acted as a judge?

I have judged both national and international competitions in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic.