Svetlana Zolotnikova 🇪🇪

Assisting Judge

When did you start doing agility?

I began in 2004.


When did you start as a judge?

I started as a judge in 2007.


What is it that makes you want to be a judge?

As I am a very emotional person, I often enjoy a clean run more than the handler himself 🙂 . While my body is doing the work of a judge, in my soul I run with handler. So their joys are my joys, and their troubles are my troubles. Ever since I started doing agility, the sport has been constantly changing. This is a challenge for the judge, either developing or leaving. I like challenges. 🙂


What makes a course interesting?

I like to see different handling styles on the course and I like teams where a well-trained dog compensates for the handler’s weaknesses when needed. I’m trying to put a “mental” trap on the course that catches the handler’s attention. As a result, mentally strong dog handlers who can focus their attention not only on one difficult spot on the track but on the trajectory of the dog’s entire run will win the track. I like to observe how an unprecedented hard spot can be solved with new techniques. As a result of an interesting course, you are going to the next workout with good thoughts.


What have been the biggest events where you have acted as a judge?

The biggest event so far was EO2018 (Austria). I have also been judging Avallon Cup (France), Moravia Open (Czech Republic), Rialp Summer Competition (Spain). In addition, I have had the honor of being a judge in many European qualifying competitions, CACIAGs and national competitions.